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Dan Tony G is a singer who started his life of music in 2009. He debuted with his first song named Dance - Crack Demand in April 11th, 2009 and finished in February 2nd, 2010. The song makes some hits but, thats only a no voice song. The first Dan Tony's album was Dan Tony Music43v3r launched in December 20th, 2010. The second song was House - Lights On started in August 5th, 2010, finished in October 27th, 2010 and launched in October 30th, 2010 also is one of the Music43v3r's song. The next hit was House - Lights Off, the second part of the previous song. The song was started in October 6th, 2010, finished in November 5th, 2010 and launched in November 15h, 2010, inside the Music43v3r album. The best song of this album was exactly the next song named Electro - Shift Guitar started in October 19th, 2010, finished in November 15th, 2010 and launched in November 21th, 2010. It was supposed to be the last song, a new title named Techno - Ready To Dance opens the doors of the clubs and started the dance. This song also inside the Music43v3r album started in November 8th, 2010, finished in November 26th, 2010 and a little delay to launch it on December 1st, 2010. The next song of Music43v3r was Dance - Strike Street started in November 21st, 2010, finished in December 17th, 2010 and launched in December 19th, 2010. The last song of this long album was Dance - Human Rights started 2 days after the previously song, November 23rd, 2010, finished in December 18th, 2010 and launched in the same day of Dance - Strike Street, December 19th, 2010. One day later, December 20th, 2010 he launched the first album Music43v3r after complete it with 7 great songs. Another great album was Dan Tony Remix Edition recently announced in November 10th, 2010. First song of this album was INNA Amazing - Remix Edition Deejay started in April 26th, 2010, finished in June 1st, 2010 and launched in June 6th, 2010. The second song was a little easy to make, its Titanic - Remix Edition started in October 19th, 2010, finished in November 20th, 2010 and launched in November 23rd, 2010. The 3rd and the last song of Remix Edition was Celine Dion I Am Alive - Remix Edition started in November 20th, 2010, finished in December 11th, 2010 and launched in December 12th, 2010. The album was launched in December 15th, 2010.

First real song singed by Dan Tony G was Try To Cry started in November 27th, 2010 and finished in December 17th, 2010. The was launched in February 1st, 2011, also starting a new album named KillZ0n3. Try To Cry is singed by Dan, Marius and Jon. Currently the composer of this song was Laura, Dan, Marius and Jon. The voice was edited with Vocader, FL Studio and Virtual DJ. In special he will also launch a new song named Piano - Music is my Libertin started in December 1st, 2010, finished in December 17th, 2010 and launched in February 1st, 2011. Another great song was I Don't Wanna started in January 10th, 2011, finished in January 21st, 2011 and launched in February 1st, 2010 inside the KillZ0n3 album, singed by Marius and Dan. Another song is Dan Tony - With You started in November 8th, 2010, finished in February 13th, 2011 and launched in February 19th, 2011, simple the best song ever created by him. Also on the KillZ0n3 album.

Another great album is Deluxe Remaker. First song is One Time, One Life started in January 3rd, 2011, finished in January 24th, 2011 and launched also in February 1st, 2011. It's about love a special song for the girls. Next song of Deluxe Remaker is Say Love Me started in January 30th, 2011, finished in February 12th, 2011, launched in March 5th, 2011. Dan Tony G registered in February 5th, 2011, He started right now Dan Tony - I Pray from the Deluxe Remaker album. Started in Feburary 15th, 2011, finished in March 15th, 2011 and launched in March 25th, 2011. He's also singing with his friend Marius some musics like, Marius - Don't Miss My Time started in January 4th, 2011, finished in February 8th, 2011 and launched in February 16th, 2011.

Journey album is another amazing album in the Music43v3r's style. This recently album in January 13th, 2011, debuted with the first song named Electro - Swift Arrow started in January 28th, 2011, finished in February 20th, 2011 and launched in February 21th, 2011. The second was also a new Elenctronic, named Electro - Under Control started in February 2nd, 2011, finished in March 1st, 2011 and launched in March 5th, 2011.


Name: Dan Tony G
Born: March 5th, 1995 (Age 17)
Origin: Romania
Ocupation: High School And Music
Billed Weight: 62 kg (137 lb)
Billed Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Manager: Marius
Composers: Dan, Marius, Jon
Years Active: 2009 - present
Best Remix: INNA - Endless 2
Best Instrumental: Dance - Pink Boom
Best Song:

Down To Earth

ALBUM Music43v3r - December 20th, 2010 - Out Now!
Dance - Crack Demand - February 5th, 2010
House - Lights Off - October 30th, 2010
House - Lights On - November 15th, 2010
Electro - Shift Guitar - November 21st, 2010 - WINNER
Techno - Ready To Dance? - December 1st, 2010
Dance - Strike Street - December 19th, 2010
Dance - Human Rights - Decemeber 19th, 2010
ALBUM Remix Edition - December 15th, 2010 - Out Now!
INNA Amazing - Remix Edition - June 2nd, 2010 - WINNER
Titanic - Remix Edition - November 23rd, 2010
Celine Dion I'm Alive - Remix Edition - Decemeber 12th, 2010
ALBUM KillZ0n3 - April 1st, 2011 - Out Now!
Dan Tony - Try To Cry - February 1st, 2011
Dan Tony - I Don't Wanna - February 1st, 2011
Dan Tony - With You - February 19th, 2011 - WINNER
ALBUM Remix Edition 2 - December 15th, 2011
INNA Sun Is Up - Remix Edition - January 5th, 2011
Akcent That's My Name - Remix Edition - March 1st, 2011
INNA Hot - Remix Edition - March 25th, 2011
Shakira Loca - Remix Edition - June 1st, 2011
INNA Club Rocker - Remix Edition - July 1st, 2011
INNA Endless - Remix Edition - October 16th, 2011
ALBUM Alien Space - May 1st, 2011 - Out Now!
Alien - Hot Pursuit - January 8th, 2011
Space - Galaxy of 2012 - February 17th, 2011
Space - Back To The Future - April 27th, 2011 - WINNER
ALBUM Deluxe Remaker - April 1st, 2011 - Out Now!
Dan Tony - One Time, One Life - February 1st, 2011
Dan Tony - Say Love Me - March 5th, 2011 - WINNER
Dan Tony - Pray War - March 25th, 2011
ALBUM Journey - December 20th, 2011
Electro - Swift Arrow - February 21st, 2011
Electro - Under Control - March 5th, 2011
House - Ground Bass - March 25th, 2011
Dance - Zig Zag - May 1st, 2011
Electro - Shift Guitar 2 - June 1st, 2011
HipHop - First Gangster - July 1st, 2011

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